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It Will Fade.

You know the feeling of going against the grain.?
Of opposing the opposer.
Of being opposed.
Then I remember its for a better cause.
Bigger than you.
Bigger than me.
Bigger than this world.
Bigger than the word I.
Looking at the bigger picture. . .
This is when reassurance sets in. . .
It`s after doubt tries to re-appear.

"It`s not about me.."

Something Good.

"It`s not about me.."

[That was there and I didn't type it...hmmm...Interesting.]

Sometimes life gets so hard that your soft hands that use to pray just pay enough that they should get by. And they do, barely able to stand on their own because they've lost the ground that let them live on an Earth where God was the sun. But sometimes, the sun needs a break, and the clouds take over. So what do you do then? Just let go and let God. As much as it's cliche it's the best thing to do. Look around, there's other people in worse situations than you are. You might just be their Inspiration. So stop being gloomy, and tired. It's your job to shine, especially when the sun needs a break. Shine, Shine like there's no tomorrow. Today might be your yesterday. So live it up. I try, but I'm not perfect. So I still learn till I've learned I can't live anymore. And that's when I'll be in Eternity, where I can cover you from the rain. So don't complain just find joy in the small moments.

Enjoy. One.

You Ask & You Will Receive. (Opportunites will naturally present themselves)

So I have this friend who I really care about but my spirit is bothered by his lack of relationship with God & understanding of his will and Word. I`ve been really attempting to reach him, well lately mainly because of my new found wisdom. I understand that we cant do things out of our own will if we want to be sure that it is done correctly & of God, so I prayed that God would open the window of opportunity to share His will & guidance through me. &Today it HAPPENED. I mean he`s heard my beliefs & how I feel about my Christianity before but this time I KNEW without doubt that it was of God. He approached me. He was asking whether I was watching Black In America 2 on CNN. I said, not in these exact words, that I would try to catch it another time & that I had more important things to do[study my Word, research, etc.] than to watch something that only shows how we as a people use EXCUSES entirely too much. I continued to explain that I don`t need to be reminded what we go through, because I indeed understand & know first hand. . .[I am Black, if you did not know.]. He asked me if the Bible was what was keeping my attention, I confirmed his assumption. This led to a. . . "heated debate", if you will. His opinion & misconceptions[worldly views] Vs. The knowledge & wisdom I`ve acquired over the passing weeks. . .actually from throughout my ENTIRE life[Thanks God & parents.! = )]. It was interesting to watch, it was like I was an audience in a boxing match. . .watching myself. Some may call it an outer body experience. Blow for Blow. But it was not of violence. . . He gave one misconstrued jab after another, really like anyone would who lacks understanding of a subject. &I`d hit with an upper cut. His Position was that the Bible is man made therefore in many ways corrupt. My point was that yes man physically wrote it, but it was the Spirit & Voice of God that led to the men to build the Bible. . .Not of personal will but of God`s will. I believe I had the upper hand because I`ve be studying & I asked for God to guide me. . .For Him to MOVE through me. I feel that He did. Though, I feel that both of our point of views shed light on. 1. How when we aren`t guided by the right forces we lack a true understanding. 2. Knowledge & Wisdom & Understanding Is POWER. It`s God`s will for that moves me to spread my knowledge. I, Eboni Renee, understand I can`t PUSH anyone into any belief. . .but what I can do is show the Spirit of God in me. . .I know as the Fruits that I bare that grow of the Spirit will continually bloom. . .


Many Wishes of Love, Peace & Mercy,
-Eboni Renee

"It`s not about me.."

I Could Be The One.

Artist: Stacie Orrico
Song: I Could Be The One
Album: Virgin

"It`s not about me.."

I Can Endure.

I`m learning to approach things more wisely. . .I have to remember that it is indeed NOT about me. . .Sooo. . .In light of that I`m gonna just TRY. I`m gonna continue on this journey of growth in the right direction. I don`t plan on compromising or falling into the "peer pressures" that exist in life. . .No matter where it comes from. Whether it`s family, friends, or any others that I may encounter in day to day life. I consider that everything/everyone that tests me is allowed to do so because there is something to learn from that said test, to improve me. So I`m just gonna let the Spirit guide be. . .&try my BEST. I`m human so I know that I make mistakes, it`s what I CHOOSE to learn from the mistake that matters. Yes, we do CHOOSE to learn our lessons, we CHOOSE to take HEED. It`ll make me BETTER. It`s not easy, but anything worth having doesn`t come at a cheap cost. I`m willing to pay.

Much Love & Peace.
-Eboni Renee

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"It`s not about me.."

This Type Love - Shihan

"It`s not about me.."