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Rambling – A mastered craft

We all go around roaming this place blindly, so it`s quite understandable that we stumble ever now & again.. Speaking for myself, I walk blind by faith, with the understanding that everything that I need will come to me. (When praises go up, blessings are bound to come down.) Maybe not when I want it, but when I am in most need. .. I`ve made it thus far m o s t l y unscathed, pretty sure that I`m on the right path, & ABSOLUTE on the belief that I wouldn`t be here without the grace of The Creator..

I like to say that I`m not much a worrier.. Things happen. Life`s unexpectancies—they happen. So why add on the unnecessary chore that is worry to the mixing pot.? I`ve gone through my share of crappy experiences, but as it is said "life goes on" & we can probably all attest to that belief. What good does stressing have in store for anyone.? Will it get the bills paid, mouths fed, tasks checked off the list.? I didn`t think so.. "Not worrying" doesn`t mean that you care any less, but that you fully understand that it never got anyone closer to the destination.. If anything it was like pressing the pause button. So STOP worrying, let go &.. well you know the rest.

This is all for now. Until next time..