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"Sense of Urgency..."


Standing in the midst of all of my fears.

Fear of hypocrisy.

Fear of death.

Fear of loss.

Fear of living a lie.

Fear of disappointment.


Feel myself falling & I’m uncertain if & when the landing will come.

The thing about fear is that it holds not enough weight to bring about change, it just makes way for more fear.



Why can’t I rest in You for but a moment?

The second I stray away I feel like I’m behind light years..

Why can’t I simply rest in You?

I am the wall that I put between us, but I fear breaking Me down. What if Self gets in the way?

Battling what has already been conquered…yet in still.

Color blind to the flag that stands.



Eating from the table of Empty.

Drinking from the cup of Deception.

While snacking on Bread as if it is a guilty pleasure.

Lacking order, running from direction, & the “sense of urgency” is just not there.

I’m falling in the midst of my fears.

"It`s not about me.."