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By : Jose R. & I

The stars are my thoughts.


So here I go wit some of my galaxies.

So far spaced.

I don't know exactly where they start or where they happen to begin.

Lost. Gone. Home.

They feel so close but if you stare you'll need to squint.

But don't squint too much.

You might miss their routes.

Cuz they travel the same way.


To a place I dare not roam.

Yet still I attempt to grasp for the right ones.

Even when I know they all lead to my farewells and your goodbyes.

And someone once told me never to tell her goodbye cuz that's forever

But what do I say to the one that never says forever.

I'm not clever so my words just misspell themselves into humiliation.

Then I'm left to rain alone.

Power the sky to little droplets of regrets in a life of fear.

Fear of losing.

Now I've reached my resting place and my fear has come true.

I've lost you.

And there is no turning back.

And certainly no relinquishing what we had.

Or what I thought we had.

All because of those damn galaxies.

To Say What You Need To Say

If We Said What We Needed To Say

Would That Live Us With All Words Spoken?

Would There Be Silence From That Moment On?

Could We Go On?

Every Page In Our Story Would Have Been Written

&&There`d Be No Mystery

The Climax Would Have Then Met Its Destination

The Plot & Theme Both Discovered

We Would Have Reached Our Ending

After Sorting Through Our Middle

&&Realizing Our Beginning

The Facts & Misfortune of This Short Lived Story Studied

After All That Was Needed To Be Said, Was