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Simple Pleasures.

I love cooking. Why not.? I love to eat.! Lol. But seriously I really enjoy the process. I like the sense of independence, I love that I can control something as small as what I nurture[&the lack of, sometimes. lol] my body with. = ]

It`s amazing. . .
I like to see the beauty in everything & everyone now-a-days. I realize we`re from the same creator so we all have that in common at least. I`m really taking in life more, we have to step back in order to do that . . .because it`s true that. . .It`s not about you or me. . .

Look @ The Bigger Picture.

Peace, Love & Mercy,
-Eboni Renee

*inspired by my cooking, of course, & moms. . .*

"It`s not about me.."

Have mercy.

The EX Daily Word for July 23, 2009

Have mercy

Matt. 5:7 Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

We all make mistakes. We all error. There are things we struggle with and
there are even times when we just do the fool and fall short. This does not
necessarily make us a bad person or even a sinner. As long as we can
acknowledge our errors as errors, and ask God to forgive us, we can be
reinstated back to the place where we were before the sin. We all sin and
fall short. Anyone that pretends to never sin is a liar and they deceive
themselves. As Christians, we don't practice sin on the regular, but there
are situations, struggles, issues, etc. that we are all trying to grow past.
What's my point? Don't condemn people for errors! When you wipe your hands
of people that make mistakes, you only cause yourself to be condemned when
you make mistakes. You cannot pass severe judgments on people without those
same judgments coming back on you. Now, this is not to say that a person
that is practicing sin, or harming the body of Christ with their actions
should not be called out by those that have the authority, but it is to say
that, mistakes can and should be overlooked if the person has gotten it
right with God.

There is going to come a time when you will need mercy. You will be in a
situation where you will desire to be reinstated by God after you error.
So, don't deny others the mercy that you will need. God desires to bring us
all to heaven and has a place for us all in his Kingdom. God is not trying
to put people in hell. So, why do we do that? We are not better than God
and if God is merciful, we should desire to be. Now, we should call sin
sin, and we should not turn our heads the other way when we see our brothers
and sisters in error, but we should be merciful towards them and try to help
them back to their rightful place in God. If they don't hear you, that's
another story. But if they will hear, acknowledge their error and repent,
then we should be willing to help them move past it and give them direction
for total deliverance and future avoidance. The mercy you give is the same
mercy you shall have!

Suggested Reading: Heb. 8:12, Luke 6:36, Luke 18:13

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"It`s not about me.."

My Silence.

My Silence Speaks Louder Than My Words Could Ever Allow.
My Silence.
It Holds Words Unsaid, Actions Not Needed To Be Performed.
It Tells Everything That I Can Not Tell With My Mouth.
It Is Power.
My Silence.
It Fights When I Am Not Strong Enough.
My Silence.
It Keeps Me.
It Holds Truths, Things You May Not Be Ready To Hear.
My Silence.
My Silence It Is Golden & It Speaks Volumes.


"It`s not about me.."

Beauty In Seeking & Finding.

We`re all Beautiful in our imperfections..
It`s then when we feel so imperfect that we search for the Perfect.
When we seek we will find.
As simple as that.
May not seem like it because of the thing that is time.
But it`s truly as simple as saying,

"I Need You."

"It`s not about me.."