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Looking For Love - Search No Longer.

Lord In You I`ve Got Victory.

This Song Truly Speaks To My Spirit, I Hope It Does The Same For You. ^_^

Artist: Smokie Norful
Album: I Need You Now
Song: I Need You Now

Not a second
Or another minute
Not an hour
Or another day

But at this moment with my arms outstretched
I need you to make a way
As you’ve done so many times before
Through window or an open door

I stretch my hands to you
Come rescue me
I need you…
Right away

I need you now
I need you now
I need you now
I need you now

Not another second
Or another minute
Not another hour of another day
But Lord I need you right away

If I never needed you before
To show up and restore
All of the faith that I let slip
While I was yet searching the world for more

The true best friend I have indeed
You’re my best friend I know indeed
I stretch my hands to thee
Come rescue me
I need you right away

The agony of being alone
The fear of doing things on my own
The test and trials that come to make me strong
The feelings of guilt, hurt, shame, and defeat
The ways of trials that feed upon me
But to know Lord that in you I’ve got victory

I need you now, Lord, I need you now (Oh, woo, woo)
I need you right now, right now, right now
I need you now

Oh not another second
Not another minute, Lord
Can’t wait another day (oh…)
Oh Lord, please make a way
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Mmmmm, Yeah

Right As Rain.

Leave Bad Feeling

Collab. With None Other Than The Best Friend:

Leave bad feeling. Go Away.!

Go away and never come back,

Not even another day.

No, you`re not talking yourself back in today.

I`m too busy with this other feeling.

This what do they call it, happiness.

This joy.

No, you can`t come back tomorrow.


Not that day either.

So just stay away.

No you can`t both him neither,

We sharing this, what do they call it, happiness.


So long.

Don`t come back no mo`.

Leave bad feeling. Go Away.!
Go away and never come back,
Not even another day.

another day never come back
because I'll be with my friends
Laughter and Great Moments
Haven't you noticed they're more fun

and I don't want you back
I don't need you back
You never were my friend
more like that man, from Shakespeare
So et tu Brute, scoot
go away and never come back

be old school, like jack
I need new, because even if change is the only thing constant in this world
I need a friend that'll be more constant that time passed
That's why I found my presence

This is my gift for Happiness and joy
and I think they enjoy it more than you
So never come back, not even another day


Did I complete the challenge.??



It is said that when you ask you shall receive.
So I asked for this aching to cease.
For these tears to be dried.
I asked for peace.

So I asked.
Then I received.

I`m really excited about the future. All the things I`m gonna experience. I can`t wait.! But I have to, grrr. I`m interested in meeting all the people I`m gonna meet. All the words I`m gonna combine. I keep daydreaming about all of this. You know the feeling you used to get when summer break was over & you were going back to school & you were getting all your supplies & all that good stuff [ at least I got excited by that stuff ]., that`s how I feel when I think about the future. The anticipation. I`m just so INTRIGUED [ sexy word ] by the future. I`m hopeful. I`m grateful.


Life has a very interesting way of changing course. It`s crazy to just sit back & watch it all unfold. I have to admit, my life is not boring right now. When I think about it, it never really is. I think I use "boring" as an excuse to take pictures. Lol. Life is one big walking mystery & Lord KNOWS I love a good mystery. I think watching it unfold keeps me going. Because I can never stand walking away from a mystery until I see the solution revealed. Even if the solution isn`t satisfying to my liking I have to see that final result.


Sighs seem to really be helpful lately. Sometimes you need to take that extra breathe before you can continue. . .whatever it is that you need to continue.

I recently experienced what seems like a loss. . .but I think it`s been more of a gain. . .

*text break*

Like I was saying before I was INTERRUPTED [ you green ], I feel like I lost such a HUGE part of my life. I know it was for the BETTER but I`m struggling to grasp this concept. How one minute I was resting in loving arms & the next I`m letting & being let go. But one thing is for sure I don`t regret anything. Because I know that all though life may take its twist & turns, things will end on the right course. I truly believe that. I have to.

I love you.
So I let you go.


What A Wonderful, Merciful God.
= ]


|R.I.P. Lothar Spang - The gift of writing is so much more than a gift. Thank You.|