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He Wouldn`t Lead You Astray.

"Half truths" are not of Godly origin. Know one thing if nothing else. . .God only gives WHOLE truths. Nothing less. Believe That. Yep, keep that in mind. . .

Truth includes:
Who, What, When, Where, How.

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"It`s not about me.."

Self-Doubt. . .& Other Topics That Come With My RAMBLINGS.

Uh. . .I Know I`m Not Supposed To Allow Doubt To Set In. . .But It Sometimes The Feeling Is Strong. Like My Vision Becomes Blurry & The Clarity That I Had Moments Before Slips Away Slowly. . .But I Guess That`s When The Phrase, "Leave no room for doubt", Comes In. DUDE It`s Hard Out Here In These Streets. SERIOUSLY Though. . .Every Which Way I Turn It Seems Like Something Pulling Me Backwards. It`s DISCOURAGING, Yo. But I Refuse To Turn Back. Nope. No Return. "So Doubt Leavveee. Go Awayyyy." [ sometimes you gotta talk to yourself, ya know.? ]

Another Feeling--Man. . This Love Thing. Like I Know It`s HIS Way To Love Everyone With The Love Of The Big Guy Upstairs[who I still don`t think is as HUGE&GIGANTIC a lot of people think, I mean I could be wrong. . .Heck, I haven`t seen him in the physical. . .] But. . .What Was I Saying. . . ?? I Do That A Lot. . .The Whole Off Topic Thing. . . But Yeah . . .Uh. . .LOVE, yes. I Know That That`s I`m To Do, But It`s A Struggle. It`s Like I`m By Nature A "Nice Person", But Being Nice Isn`t Enough. You Have To Go That Extra Mile. . .Any Non-Believer Can Be "Nice". . .I Have To Set Myself Apart. I Can`t Blend In With The Crowd Only To Find That I`m Going With The Flow Of Each Passing Trends. It`s A Must That I Show What HE Wants To Show. So I`ll Let Him Continue To Move Through Me. Work On Me. Improve Me With Each Passing Day. I`m Human I Can`t Do It On My Own. . .It`s Like More & More I`m Realizing I Can`t Do It On My Own. I Don`t Do It On My Own. I`ll Just Continue To Try. . .Try To Let HIS Will For My Life Manifest. It`s A Process. &Like Any Process It Takes Time & Dilengence

Ecclesiastes 10:11 :
The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, not bread to the wise, nor riches to mean of understanding, nor favor to men of skill; But time and chance happen to them all.

I`m Just Gonna Slow My Role. Remember That Making A Mistake Doesn`t Me Any Less. It Doesn`t Retract Any Of The Progress I`ve Made. It Let It Encourage Me To IMPROVE. We`re Human We Make Mistakes, It`s What We Do With After We Make Said Mistakes That Defines Us. Just Let Go & Let God. Yep. It Works. . .

Don`t Let People Discourage You. They Don`t Have The Authority To Lead You Away From The Direction God Leads You, But Always Be Open To The Wisdom That They Have To Share With You. We All Know That We Aren`t Of Perfection So All Can Stand Growth. Don`t Allow Your Self To Jump On The Defensive When You Feel Like You`re Being "Attacked". . .Look At It From A Point Of View Other Than Your Own. BUT Remember That God`s Wisdom Is At Our Finger Tips. [The Holy Bible] So Take Advantage. If You Seek, You Will Eventually Find.!!

I`m Learning. . .He`s Teaching. No Worries. = ]

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--Eboni Renee