Search Away | ♥



There's this universe that you and I belong to.

And I wonder how come we don't understand each others language.
I love you. But you don't read the same diction that I do.
I wonder if you need a translator or a lexicon so you can feel the meaning of my heart.
Because I want you to know, really know, how I feel.

Maybe touch my words, so you can see my evol.
And live away evil that broken hearts became.
Become hearts, broken that evil, away live and love.

I'm not sure that you get this. Get me.
And my alienated palabras en tu orejas.
So I hope, one day God will send you a message.
A message that only you will know its from me.

Anonymous cliches that never knew that the future was always on your smile.
So I'll stay present until I know tomorrow will never come.
As long as today I spend it with you, knowing that you love me back.
Without any lost translations.

"It`s not about me.."