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Speak Truth.

I Surprise Myself Sometime. . .A Response To Someone I Was In Opposition With:

"You`re Absolutely Right. I`m Not In Your Bedroom,
But It Is Of My Concern. Because The God I Know Created Man&Woman For Each Other. Eve For Adam.
Adam For Eve. &From What I Recall From Reading In The Holy Bible, Sexual Immorality [Includes Homosexuality] Goes Against God`s Intention For Man&Woman. If HE Wanted It To Be Otherwise, We Would Be Able To Recreate Within Our Genders. But He Didnt & We Cant. It`s My Responsibility, Because I`m A Child Of God, To Lead People In The Right Direction. I Say What I Say Not Out Of Ill-Intention But Out Of Love For My Fellow Man. It`s Not Me Passing Judgment Because I`m Not The Judge. That`s Not My Job. I Don`t Know Your Heart, So I Can`t Possibly Judge You.

Now You Can`t Say That No One Tried To Explain To You. You Aren`t A Prisoner To Ignorance..."

Intentions. | Shots Fired.

"I hope I didn`t intimidate you--that genuinely was not my intention. I had no intention at all really, good or bad. Because as the saying goes, 'The road to hell is paved with good 'intentions'."

Shots fired.
They hit me but do not bruise me.
Shots fired.
Their bullets coated with poison.
But they do not harm me.
Shots fired.
They no longer move me.

-Eboni Renee

He Is B E A U T I F U L.

It`s BEYONDamazing when you give it all up to God how he sends it back better than you could have ever imagined.

He consumes my EVERY thought these days. I long to please him in ALL that I do. I wouldn`t change anything that has led me to this moment, because then I may not have the feeling of grateFULLness that I have.

I wake up each&every morning with joy in my heart&a smile on my face.
Every ill feeling that I`ve ever held against anyone CEASES to exist.
I seek to bring light into EVERYONE I meet, talk to, or greet, if but for only a moment & with at least a smile.
I`m more confident & self-assured.
I have the great ability to let things roll off my back.
-I`m becoming the me that I`m meant to be, the WOMAN that GOD sees in me.

&It is TRULY Beautiful.

Mercy, Peace & Love.
-Eboni Renée