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Cry For Attention

You Have All You`ve Ever Wanted

All You Say You Need

Does That Mean You Stop Doing What Got You Here?

Does The Feeling Of Longing Cease To Exist?

Is The Constant Calling Now Played Out?

Now That You Have Me, Do You No Longer Feel The Need To Win Me Over?

I Understand That You have Your Own Life To Lead

Other Priorities To Tend To

I Just Can`t Help But To Feel Like I`m Falling Further Down The List

So To Keep From Falling Further And Further I Cry Out

Whether My Argument Is Rational Or Even Makes Sense

It Doesn`t Matter

Perhaps That`s Where I Have Failed You



Maybe I Should Give More Of A Heads Up

Let You Know What`s Up

Give More Insight On What`s Going Inside This Brain Of Mine

Maybe We Could Figure This Out Together

We Might Discover That I Let My Mind Wander

Take Control Of What I Know In My Heart To Be Truth