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Free Me

From the thoughts in my head, I want to be freed

It is Your Word that I must take heed

Free me

From the lust & greed

Yes, I am human but I also possess wisdom of what is right & wrong

A mind & heart like Yours is what I need

Free me

From the pasts hurts & temptations

Help me to grab hold of these revelations

Protect my ears & eyes because they are under attack daily

Free me

Teach me to use my gifts for YOUR will & not MY own satisfaction

It is You I seek to please, from this I gain my joy

Blind me peripherally; it is only You I need to see

Free me

From these chains of resentment & ill intentions

For love is the only true way

A softened heart is my aim

Free me

Purify my desire

For I cannot chase you AND what is not like you

Free me

I want to be freed of me

The me that is of the world

To go against the grain, the river’s current, & what’s considered “fun”

Even if that means standing tall alone

Free me

Teach me not to judge

Not to judge him, her or even me

That is your role, I must only play mine

Free me

Teach me to love me

ALL of me

I long to see the You in me

Free me

Every day I am freed

By Your grace

A new opportunity to shine Your light

The process of breaking down to build me up stronger is in full motion

You are the driving force