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Free Write. (2)

I've never been one to come up with clever metaphors..
&i don`t use too many of those big beautiful words..
Does supercalifragilisticexpyalidocious count.?
I just speak what I know and how I feel.
i write what comes to mind & how it comes to mind.
Thats all i know how to do.

Free Write.

We mustn`t be foolish & become jaded by our emotions.
We must first step back for but even a moment to see the clearer picture.

Emotions are good, but only when used wisely.

Good Mourning

Artist: India.Arie

Do do do
Do do do
Do do do do do do dooooooo [4x]

Good mourning silence
Good mourning to myself
Good mourning to the pain in the center of my chest
It's crazy how much I miss
a simple good mourning kiss
oh ohhhhh...

Good mourning independence or is it loneliness?
I know I said I wanted this but I have regrets
I pray for God's will to be done
The very next day you were gone
Oh Ohhhhhh

Good mourning to the harsh realities of life
and good mourning to the fact we're not husband and wife
We made a promise to stay
But destiny got in the way
oh ohhhhhhhh

Good mourning...

Good mourning acceptance
Good mourning inner strength
I'm loving every moment
even the strain

It's crazy how much I miss
a simple good mourning kiss
It's crazy how much I've missed
Now it's time for me to live
oh ohhhhhhhhhh

Good mourning...

Good mourning optimism
Good mourning to my faith
Good mourning to the beginning of a brand new day
I know that God's will be done
So I lay down my pain and I'm moving on
I know that God's will be done.
So it's a good mourning after all

This song coincides with how I`m feeling.

Dreams Mean Something.

These dreams are telling me something obviously.
Is it my true conscious speaking.?
Telling me that I`ve played the fool again.
Secretly they`re keeping me at the wayside.
Away from hurt & humiliation.
I don`t know whether who`s trap to fall into, reality or this dream world.
It`s like choosing the better of two evils.
Either chose leading to pain.
How can in one moments notice all feelings can change?
Everything you hope & wish for change.
One thing always comes to mind though:

"I Pray For God`s Will To Be Done, The Very Next Day You Were Gone."

These dreams have to be more than just dreams.
They feel like premonitions or truths of past times.
Like I`d been there.

I`m letting go.
Of the sadness.
Of the resentment.
Of the what-ifs.

-All this because of a dream...