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Be. A. G.

Be a G.
As in gent.
As in gentleman.
As in Gentle Man.
As in Gen-tle-man.
Because I am gentle, man.


[Until someone admits to liking it.]

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I Wanna Know What "The People" Wanna See & Hear. My Ears Are WIDE Open To Suggestions, Within Reason Of Course. So Speak. Let Me Know Your Thoughts, What You Think Of This Blog, What You Wanna Know About Something [i`ll do the research if necessary] & Just Anything Else You Want To Express.!

Don`t Be Shy.! I Wanna Hear From You.! Let`s Make This Work. Lol.
= ]

Peace & Much Love,
God Bless.

-Eboni Renée

**I`m Sure Best Friend[Logix] Will Be Of Great HELP As Well. : )

New Revelation.


This stems off from an earlier post made a few days ago[I`ll make you aware of the exact(time&date) post at the end of this].** I`ll also hyperlink the title of this post. = ]

-Not to take away from my earlier assessment but this, what I`m going to say, seems much more convincing. To me at least, I hope you agree. -

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

I think this small proverb holds SO much weight its insane. The thing is, in life we can all easily "intend" to do something & you could have the "good" or heart to go along with it, but if you don`t follow through on those "good intentions" it can lead you down the wrong path or to "hell". In life you have to walk the walk & talk the talk, be about what you say in simpler words.


-Now Back To Our Scheduled Programming.-

Just Be Real. Live Life The Way God Wants You To. Like Spike Lee Said, "JUST DO THE RIGHT THING". He Wasn`t Leading You Astray.

Peace & Much Love.
God Bless.

-Eboni Renée

**Thinking Out Loud - 7.9.2009 @ 6:12:00 a.m. Est. linkage:

My Best Friend/BestFriend Is BESTERER Than Yours.

Another Collab. With This BESTERER Friend Of Mine. = ] Enjoy.
-Eboni Ren

My BestFriend is BESTERER than your bestfriend

Sorry if I took the last of her kind
See, I wasn't searching for one either
I was transferring from one side of the city to the other
So my mother and I decided that CT was the best for me
And I remember my first few weeks there

I was lost and amazed, lost in a maze
Lost in a daze
It was just like May
All these flowers were blooming around me
And I was just growing
Learning that girls no longer have cutties but they’re cuties

So I was trying to plant my garden
By picking petals that plucked perfectly
But it wasn’t a perfect pick
I was picked to pick a picture imperfectly
Because my teacher chose me to pass for her

So my teacher placed me in a group of great friends
Not because I got an A
But because I got to keep an E
And I thank Shakespeare for this friendship
Without him I wouldn’t have met her
I wouldn’t have to say, “Et Tu Brute”
Because my E was used for Eboni.

See, my Best Friend is SO much BESTERER than your bestfriend.
I won`t start from the beginning, it goes WAY back,
& quite frankly I don`t know exactly where that starts.
See, my Best Friend is SO much BESTERER than your bestfriend.
My Best Friend, he is brilliant.
He speaks over your head, & not even on purpose.
He is kind & chooses is words more than wisely.
He teaches me & I naturally&unknowingly learn.
He is giving.
He is true, better than REAL.
How I came upon such a friend, it`s BEYOND me.
He is one confirmation of many that God is REAL.
My Best Friend.
He lifts me up when I need the lifting.
He keeps me steadily on the ground when I appear to be rising.
He keeps me, ME.
I won`t give him ALL the credit, because there are so many thanks to be given.
But I couldn`t pass up the opportunity to give up this extra special THANKS.
& If I were told from the start that this how my now would be I`d be like, "No Way.! Jose.??".
"I`m becoming conscientious of the things that I speak from my mouth. I`m an ambassador for God." - Eboni Renée