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How do you console someone when you haven't experienced the level of lost that they have..
Is it in a hug.? So they don't feel pain for even but a moment..
Do you tell them a joke.? So their mind wanders even if it's just for a sec..
Do you tell them you love them.? So that the hate is subdued for no longer than it takes you to say it..
Do you make their dreams come true.? So the nightmares don't come for one night..
How do you console someone who has lost so much.??
God allows us to bare no more than we can handle this is true..
But why MUST the devil test this factor.!
Have you no remorse.?
Stupid question I suppose..

The best remedy for curing a bruised and battered heart is allowing God see to it's repair..

I love you bro, but most importantly God loves you. He has his mighty hand over you & your family.. R.I.Paradise Shanita Brown