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The Moon

"Goodnight Moon"

I love the nights. The way the stars are my only company. And when I want to talk to them I can because they won't go anywhere until the morning. And that's when I go to sleep; in the morning, because that's when I stop living in reality and pretend it's my fantasy. My heaven on Earth, but where's my angels. One of them is working hard to make a future for me and my sisters but she needs a break so she can use her wings and FLY. The other one already FLEW and I'm happy she doesn't have to live on this Earth anymore. I wouldn't want her to hurt. So here I am enjoying my mornings even if it's the darkness that makes me feel more comfortable. I say Goodnight Moon because the sun is shinning...
Have you ever noticed how loud the sun is.?
Its presence always known.
& How quiet it is before it storms.?
It comes as smooth as a criminal.
Same place.
The only thing that's changed is the longitude & latitude.
Same hustle & bustle.
Same hustlers trying to push they're bustle.
Aint nothing new under the sun.
Even the faces remain the same

Piece Of Heaven.

I love the morning so much because its the beginning.
It represents renewal.
Its when the birds sing.
I think they like it too.
Morning gives me a chance to meditate and rejuvenate.
Its my favorite time to speak & hear from God.
Its reassurance that I can start fresh.
The morning time is the best...
I think its one of the closes things to Heaven.


If you don't have a BestFriend like mine...I'm sorry.
She was the last of her kind....oh well good luck.

You need to keep looking because I think she's dope...she cracks me up (sometimes).

You're amazing and I wonder how a friendship like this even happened.

You still Green (#13).

But keep being you because I wouldn't want it any other way. (Maybe but I'm being Ungreen right now and Soft. So what...sue me.)