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The Man Who Didn't Believe In Love

By Don Miguel Ruiz

"It`s not about me.."

In This Moment

It is in this moment.

This moment so calming, yet it moves me to exclaim my thanks.

The conversations that we share, You & my soul.

It`s better than any I`ve ever known.

There rest no doubt.

There is no uncertainty.

Hopelessness is nowhere to be found.

It`s in this place that I`m in that keeps me.

It keeps me.

My sanity, it rests here.

My pain, it diminishes.

My sorrow, it runs away.

It`s in this moment that I have the strongest sense of peace.

I long to Live in this moment for forever.

The past melts away here.

The future it brings no worries.

Here in this moment

No yesterdays or tomorrows.

But right nows.

If you`re quiet enough you can hear it.

Can you feel it?

He`s here.

It`s in this very moment that I rest in his arms.

He`s my protector, my provider & my healer.

He`s my everything.

He lives in me.

It`s in moments such as these,

When doubt starts to creep up,

He banishes it.

It has no place here.

It `s in this moment that blessings sing.

When my security in Him is recognized.

It is in moments like these.

When Love shows its face.

Because He is Love.

Love is He.

He is patient.

He is kind.

He does not boast.

He keeps no record of wrong.

He is not rude.

He is truth.

He bears all, believes all, hopes all, & endures all things.

But most importantly He NEVER fails.

Because He is Love & Love is He.

It`s in this moment.

In this moment when He speaks.

Louder & clearer than ever.


In this moment.

"It`s not about me.."