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Love Poems (1)

Sometimes I wish I could write love poems for you.

I wish I could color the sky red for you.
Only so that when it rains it'll turn pink.
And when it does we'd already have cancer on the phone.
She'll be asking why she's out of business.
And all I'll tell her it's because I want to love you longer.
And I don't want anyone or anything to take you away.

I want to be your last gift on Christmas,
Or maybe your only gift on Christmas.

I want to learn to speak languages so I can learn to love you,
even in dialects you'll never understand.
But that'll just show you how much I care.
That I opened my memory to house thoughts of you.

I will open my door so you can close it on your way in.

I am what I want you to be, my other half.
So here take my rib and cook it in the right temperature.
Maybe, you'll just melt my heart, again.

Just like you did when I met you.
Maybe you will when I meet you.
Yes, Maybe.

So let me love you.
Even if I can't write a love poem for you.