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Best of my todays, the worse of my tomorrows

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Woke up this morning with great motivation.. Maybe sleep was great, or my dreams were even greater. I may not know the exact cause but I know that it is there & I'm gonna use it to my advantage.

God has planted something in me. A desire. A desire to "make the best of my todays, the worse of my tomorrows.." haha.. I'm thankful.

Time to enjoy my day & make the best of it.. Whatever I do today I know will be a puzzle piece to something bigger than anything I can ever fathom.. Time to enjoy my company, love, & just LIVE.. God Bless You..

Peace & Much Love..

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"It`s not about me.."



How can the best thing to ever happen to you
also be mistaken as a curse.?
You should reevaluate your ideology..
Erase whatever lies have been fed & begin the journey to truth.
Undo all the confusion that caused you to believe that a force so beautiful,powerful(without the corruption), eye-opening, mystical,
& passionate, is anything but..
Open your eyes, you've been lied to.

"It`s not about me.."


This life is but a dream..

Glory God, oh God is peeking through the blinds
Are we all here standing naked, taking guesses at the actual date and time
Oh my, justifying the reasons why
Is an absolutely insane resolution to live by

Live high, live mighty
Live righteously, taking it easy
Live high, live mighty
Live righteously
-Live High, Jason Mraz

"It`s not about me.."


Anything touched by mankind is flawed, religion is no exception..

"It`s not about me.."

Give Freely

What was freely given to me, I freely give.
-Lauryn Hill

"It`s not about me.."


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I always thought I was one of those people who would go to college knowing what I wanted to major in, pursue it, start my career & that would be that. Err.. not exactly that simple. Not even a little bit. I have no goal expect that I know I want to work with people, make a difference & be happy in whatever I decide to do. Simple(right?). What once appeared to be something that was so easy to grasp hold of has become like a far away thing.

I've been in school for 2 whole years. Where do I go from here.? I need a plan that will motivate me. I need to see it in black & white or else I'll just float around without purpose.. &That's sort of what I feel like I've been doing. But I'm far from being purposely. I was created with a purpose in mind or else I wouldn't be here.

I know I have all the tools to figure this out.. I just have to align my will with the only will that matters & that surely isn't my own.. Nothing a little prayer can't handle.. I know it's already taken care of.. Ahhh.. I'm good. =]

Keep me in your prayers, I'll be doing the same for you.

Peace, Love, & Hope.

"I believe God will make a way."
-Lauryn Hill

"It`s not about me.."



My Queen doesn't live in New York
She resides in my heart.

"It`s not about me.."

Originality.? Nonexistant.

Steal. &Have absolutely no remorse for it.

"It`s not about me.."


There is something in humility which strangely exalts the heart.

St. Augustine

"It`s not about me.."



Fwd Text..

Look back and thank God. Look forward and trust God. Look around and serve God. Look within and find God! God closes doors no man can open and God opens doors no man can close. If you need God to open some doors for you say this prayer, "Lord I believe you died & rose again on the third day not only for my sins, but for my health, as well as, for my prosperity. I accept you as my Lord & savior & give you invitation in my life,my finances & my desires. I thank you and give you praise! For making me the head and not tail,for causing me to lend and not borrow. This I pray in Jesus name amen!"

"It`s not about me.."


I Love You More Than The What Ifs

"Maybe I love you more than the what ifs because I'll never leave the nos to win when all that's true is that you're always right." - Jose 6.29.09

"It`s not about me.."


Recently saw this on a blog. It speaks magnitudes to me currently..

"It`s not about me.."


So many things to say, yet so very afraid.

"It`s not about me.."