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It is said that when you ask you shall receive.
So I asked for this aching to cease.
For these tears to be dried.
I asked for peace.

So I asked.
Then I received.

I`m really excited about the future. All the things I`m gonna experience. I can`t wait.! But I have to, grrr. I`m interested in meeting all the people I`m gonna meet. All the words I`m gonna combine. I keep daydreaming about all of this. You know the feeling you used to get when summer break was over & you were going back to school & you were getting all your supplies & all that good stuff [ at least I got excited by that stuff ]., that`s how I feel when I think about the future. The anticipation. I`m just so INTRIGUED [ sexy word ] by the future. I`m hopeful. I`m grateful.


Life has a very interesting way of changing course. It`s crazy to just sit back & watch it all unfold. I have to admit, my life is not boring right now. When I think about it, it never really is. I think I use "boring" as an excuse to take pictures. Lol. Life is one big walking mystery & Lord KNOWS I love a good mystery. I think watching it unfold keeps me going. Because I can never stand walking away from a mystery until I see the solution revealed. Even if the solution isn`t satisfying to my liking I have to see that final result.


Sighs seem to really be helpful lately. Sometimes you need to take that extra breathe before you can continue. . .whatever it is that you need to continue.

I recently experienced what seems like a loss. . .but I think it`s been more of a gain. . .

*text break*

Like I was saying before I was INTERRUPTED [ you green ], I feel like I lost such a HUGE part of my life. I know it was for the BETTER but I`m struggling to grasp this concept. How one minute I was resting in loving arms & the next I`m letting & being let go. But one thing is for sure I don`t regret anything. Because I know that all though life may take its twist & turns, things will end on the right course. I truly believe that. I have to.

I love you.
So I let you go.


What A Wonderful, Merciful God.
= ]


|R.I.P. Lothar Spang - The gift of writing is so much more than a gift. Thank You.|

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