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I don`t remember sleeping.
Somehow can`t feel my feelings.
But I`m okay?
I`m Oh Kay.
You say be strong.
So that I will be.
I`ll grow into it.
For now I'll get
use to the sagging.
The extra weight.
Anyone have safety pins?
I guess I`ll let time mend
what it must.
Let it speak.
Let it show what it must.
I`ll give this _____, whatever
this feeling is, to God.
Let Him peel away at it.
It`ll come out better.
I`ll let Him carry me.
Knowing that His footsteps
are those I see in the sand.
He`ll take my tears.
He`ll take my pain, this sinking
feeling in the pit of my stomach.
& At the end of this journey,
I`ll have grown into these new clothes.
Standing taller than I am now.
You`ll be by my side.
That`ll never change.
I`ll always feel you.
Not just in my heart
but in my spirit.
I`ll let the mmrs be my motivation.
Let your words be my guidance.
Let Him be my conscious.

☮ & ♥
.Still Unbroken.

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